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Dr. Salvatore Cavaliere

After receiving his Bachelor of Science degree from University of Detroit, Dr. Cavaliere attended Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. After graduating, Dr. Cavaliere completed his internship at Mt. Clemens General Hospital and residency at St. John (Oakland General Hospital) and Pontiac Osteopathic Hospital.

Dr. C.P. Chambers

We are motivated by our desire to maintain our reputation of being the best in the field, and we achieve this goal on a daily basis by delivering on our guarantee of satisfaction.

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Chambers Hair Institute
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Troy, MI 48083

Phone: (248) 362-4644


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History and Philosophy

Since 1969 Chambers Hair Institute has performed over 150,000 procedures. Hair Transplants excellence requires an artistically trained surgeon.

Physicians at the Chambers Hair Institute are board certified and exclusively perform hair restoration. This single focus allows us to be the finest surgeons, educators and innovators in the field of hair restoration. The many techniques that we pioneered were developed because of our specialization solely in the treatment of hair loss.

My greatest concern is to provide our patients with a natural looking hair transplants. That’s why, at The Chambers Hair Institute, we treat each patient as an individual, custom designing each hair transplant so that it is unique to that particular person. We work diligently to keep our patients satisfied and to maintain our reputation of being the best in our field.


Whats New!

Acell for Hair Cloning


Acell's extracellular matrix is a natural biological material that can be implanted at the site of an injury or damaged tissue in order to stimulate healing. The graft stimulates the body's own cells to form new tissue specific to that site a process referred to as auto-cloning. Therefore, instead of the body producing scar tissue, the body heals by remodeling with new tissue, almost as if the injury had never occurred.


Acell Inc., a company based in Columbia, Maryland, has developed an extracellular matrix that encourages the body's own regenerative capabilities to repair tissues and restore to a natural state. Acell's matristem is a naturally occurring bio-scaffold. When matristem is placed into a surgical site or wound it is reabsorbed and replaced with the new tissue rather than a scar.


Acell has shown success in our clinic in allowing multiplication of hair follicles placed into the recipient sites. Acell has also been used in our clinic as a non surgical stimulate for hair growth in combination with PRP, platelet rich plasma, with success.


Acell will facilitate the healing of the incision in the donor area after a hair transplant by its regenerative properties.


Doctor Cavaliere is currently studying the use of Acell scalp for scalp hair multiplication as well as the facilitation of wound healing in follicular unit transplantation procedures.


Regenerative Therapy with Growth Factors

A treatment for hair regeneration on the basis of the world’s most advanced regenerative medicine technology.


Regenerative Therapy with Growth Factors involves the penetration of FDA approved medications into the scalp. The Pharmaceutical agents include growth factors used at medical institutions.  The cocktail developed by Dr. Cavaliere contains a larger number of stem cell-derived growth factors at higher concentrations than conventional injections.  The therapy aims to regenerate hair by making up for a shortage of growth factors, which is responsible for thinning hair.

Thinning hair may be a result from androgen effects, stress, or under nutrition.  Lack of growth factors also leads to the termination of hair growth signaling.  By combining and effective progesterone therapy, with regenerative therapy we are attacking the hair loss problem effectively.  The point of hair loss treatment is “growth factor” to signal the hair back to a normal growth cycle.