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Dr. Salvatore Cavaliere

After receiving his Bachelor of Science degree from University of Detroit, Dr. Cavaliere attended Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. After graduating, Dr. Cavaliere completed his internship at Mt. Clemens General Hospital and residency at St. John (Oakland General Hospital) and Pontiac Osteopathic Hospital.

Dr. C.P. Chambers

We are motivated by our desire to maintain our reputation of being the best in the field, and we achieve this goal on a daily basis by delivering on our guarantee of satisfaction.

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Eyebrow Transplants

Eyebrows are a significant feature of a person’s face. They help to frame the eyes and maintain an aspect of facial symmetry. We understand that the loss or thinning of this facial feature is not only unfavorable, but can affect a person’s lifestyle and self esteem. Now, with Chambers revolutionary eyebrow restoration treatment, eyebrow loss or thinning is no longer a condition that persons, such as yourself, are forced to live with. At Chambers, we provide permanent eyebrow restoration treatment to meet your cosmetic needs.


Eyebrow loss or thinning is caused by a variety of factors. Often it is an unintentional result of repeated plucking for cosmetic purposes. Alternatively, it may be a result of damage from a physical accident, burn or other event that causes facial trauma. Diseases can also lead to eyebrow loss or thinning including the dermatological condition known as alpocia areata. Another cause of this condition is age, which can lead to eyebrow minimization to the point that hairs are no longer noticeable. Yet, no matter what the cause, there is a permanent solution.


A patient will first meet with one of our doctors for a personal consultation. Here the procedure and any underlying medical conditions and discussed to ensure the procedure is safe and the patient is satisfied. Meeting with clients beforehand allows our doctors and patients to connect better and achieve optimal results.


The eyebrow restoration procedure consists of taking hairs from other places on the body and implanting them to where the eyebrow hair normally grows. It’s important that thin hair follicles are used for women, so the results look natural. Usually for women, hair follicles will be taken from areas such as behind the ear or on the upper thigh where the hairs are thinner than hair on the head. For men, hair follicles will be taken from other places on the skin, depending on the natural thickness of the eyebrows. The entire process requires 50 to 100 or more hair follicles to be implanted, which varies by the individual patient.


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The recovery period is quite fast. There may be slight bruising around the area where hair follicles were implanted. The extent of this bruising varies on an individual’s skin sensitivity, but is always manageable. In most cases, normal activity can be resumed after a very short period of time.


After a few weeks, the transplanted hair falls out and normal hair begins to regrow in about three months. Once these hairs begin to grow, usually they continue to grow normally throughout a person’s lifetime. As with any procedure it’s important to consult with an expert for optimal results. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and take the first step to permanent eyebrow restoration!


Oval Face Shape

  • Forehead is wider than the chin
  • Prominent cheekbones
  • Face tapers to a narrow oval chin

Round Face Shape

  • Face width is almost the same as the length
  • Face is widest at the cheeks

Long Face Shape

  • Forehead, cheekbones and jaw line are all about the same width
  • Tend to have a prominent chin
  • Elongated appearance

Square Face Shape

  • Forehead, cheekbones and jaw line are all about the same width
  • Squared jaw line is the most obvious feature

Heart Face Shape

  • Similar to oval but the chin tapers to a point

Diamond Face Shape

  • Not common
  • Typically the face is highly angular
  • Forehead is rather short
  • Face widest at the temples
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